Mainport Rotterdam welcomes you

For global marine forwarding, warehousing, cross docking and stuffing and stripping  we are very experienced and capable to provide you high quality services. Our committed team is ready to serve you 24/7.


Mainport Forwarding

Specialized in Marine forwarding. Collecting, forwarding and storage in our bonded warehouse of spareparts for your ocean-going fleet. Delivery by truck or barge in Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Antwerp ports. Or global forwarding by air, sea or road transportation to any other port, we will do it for you.
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Mainport Warehousing

Located very close to a large short sea terminal we can efficiently Cross Dock your cargo to European destinations. Stuffing and stripping cargo in and from containers and flat racks are our daily activities. Warehousing your cargo, no issue. 
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We are able to receive and forward your cargo with alle means of transportation by air, sea and road. 

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